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NFL Standings

We are now in Week 15 of the National Football League and are heading into playoff season. There are two divisions in the NFL: the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference. With only three more games in the regular season, each team is trying to earn their spot in the playoffs. Here are the current AFC and NFC standings.

Team: Wins Losses Percentage Home Away Division Streak

The Game Changers

These are the top players on offense for the Dallas Cowboys. Each of these players has exceeded expectations on the field and continue to be the best at what they do.

Dak Prescott #4

Prescott had an amazing rookie year and earned the 2016 Offesive Rookie of the Year award. After taking over as quarterback when Tony Romo was hurt, he made his mark and helped the Cowboys take over and win the NFC West Division in 2016.

Ezekiel Elliot #21

Elliot was the fourth pick in the first round of the 2016 draft and never disappointed. Right off the back, Elliot showed us why he was the best. He had an impressive rookie season as well leading the NFL in rushing yards with 1,631.

Dez Bryant #88

Bryant has been unstoppable for the Cowboys since he was brought on in 2010, and had an amazing season in 2014 with 16 touchdowns and 1,320 total receiving yards. With 712 receiving yards this season, he continues to show us why he's the best at what he does.

Jason Witten #82

Witten has been a part of the team for over a decade and has broken numerous records. At the age of 35, and with 15 years of experience under his belt, Witten has totaled 12,345 receiving yards for the Dallas Cowboys.

Dallas Cowboys' best moments

Tony Romo vs Dak Prescott

The Dallas Cowboys have always had their ups and downs when it comes time for season play. However, the rise of quarterback Dak Prescott turned the Cowboys' franchise around. Since his rookie season, he took over as starting quarterback and Tony Romo was sitting on the bench. Prescott was the fourth round pick for the Cowboys and put up big numbers in his rookie season. Soon after the rise of the new quarterback, Romo retired as a Dallas Cowboy. If we compare the rookie seasons of Romo and Prescott, we can see the differences between the two quarterbacks.

Looking back on past seasons

The Dallas Cowboys have always had their ups and downs as a team. One year they may make it into the playoffs and the next year they're lucky to be a wild card contendor. The Cowboys have always been known to flip and flop, and this can show for it. In the 2014 season, the Cowboys were first in the division making it into the playoffs, and the next season the team only won four games. In each season, you can see the differences between the season before and after and it begins to raise the question as to why.

This is a look throughout the past 16 seasons for the Dallas Cowboys.

Season: Wins Losses Percentage Division Streak

The Wide Receivers

A quarterback is only as good as his receivers. From Dez Bryant to Cole Beasley, most of the wide receivers for the Cowboys have put up big numbers in the 2017 season so far. Here are the top four offensive players who have put up big numbers this season.